Corralejo has existed for most of its history as a humble and unimportant fishing village on the coast of Fuerteventura. Now the village has grown into a town and tourist destination. Every year many people who love water sports, kitesurfing, and windsurfing, tourists who want to see sandy beaches, arrive in Corralejo.

Corralejo Town is now one of the most popular resorts in Fuerteventura but despite this, it manages to keep its authentic roots.

The old Corralejo Town is built around a harbor, so you can see many local fishermen around here. You can see how the locals catch fish and you have the chance to buy some fish. In the area of the new town, there’s a new marina bay, so who want visit the other islands, like Lanzarote and Lobos, have to leave Fuerteventura from here. There’s a main street in the town where you can find most of the shops, restaurants and bars.

Restaurants that serve a wide variety of foods make eating out easier: Spanish, British, Chinese, Irish, and Italian foods. There are many places where seafood is offered.

There are plenty of great activities designed for everyone: biking, tours, water sports, trips with boats with glass bottoms, motor biking, ferry trips, and may more.

What about the the beaches? Kilometers of fine and soft sands. The waters are clear and the sand is softer than ever. There’s also a smaller beach exactly next to the harbor for those who want to be near the main street.

The nightlife here is not as colorful and lively as on the Tenerife or Grand Canaria, but still there is a lot to see and feel. In those places nightlife is centered in the big complexes and varied programs are made every night in the resorts, while in Corralejo you can find clubs, music bars, beach clubs, and traditional siestas.
Nightlife in Corralejo is good and alive so you cannot be bored at all.



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